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Japanese Gourmet Restaurant

What makes us different?

We first opened our restaurant in Lincoln Park, NJ in 1999. After ten years there, we relocated to our current location in Wayne, NJ in 2009. Despite all these years, our goal has been the same. We want to offer quality sushi/food at a fair price.


Most people come here for the All You Can Eat Sushi for $22.95. You can order any sushi, rolls, hand rolls and special rolls from the menu. It comes with miso soup and ginger salad if you opt to have it. As long as you can finish your first order, you can always reorder until you are full.

Unlike other sushi buffets where the sushi is already prepared at the buffet bars, our sushi is made to order. The sushi rice at out restaurant is always prepared in small batches to ensure quality. This means that we strive to have your sushi rice warm when it reaches you. Believe it or not, good sushi rice (texture, temperature) is 90% of what makes great sushi while fresh fish makes up the other 10%.


Other than the All You Can Eat Sushi, we also offer a variety of beef, chicken, seafood, noodles dishes for your choosing. Although we don't have a kids menu, we recommend you ordering from our great selections of appetizers. Our appetizer portions are sizable.


During lunch time (before 3:00 pm), we have lunch specials that give you gourmet food at fast food prices. 


We also started the sushi platter special so our customers can share our great sushi with friends, colleagues, families... If you have people coming over or if you are visiting, our sushi platters are both presentable and delicious.   

Some restaurants may want to make sushi complex with an overload of ingredients and sauces. All we try to do is to give you sushi in its uncluttered form. We believe there is beauty in simplicity. 

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